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Top 9 Questions to Ask Your Future Implantologist

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Tips and suggestions from an industry leading expert

Regarding questions you should ask your dentist when being evaluated for full arch/ full mouth dental implant reconstructions

Full Mouth Dental Implant Restoration Buyer’s Guide Summary

If your teeth are failing due to gum disease, cavities, trauma, or are simply breaking down from years of active use, the Teeth in One Day dental implant treatment option can be a positive life changing decision. In addition to providing you with a beautiful smile and incredibly strong teeth for chewing food without worry, this procedure also improves your overall health and restores your confidence.

The full arch/mouth dental implant reconstruction procedure is widely considered to be the most technically demanding procedure in all of dentistry. When choosing a dentist to perform this procedure, it is imperative that you choose wisely. Just because a dentist can place a dental implant that does not mean he or she can successfully perform the “Teeth in One Day” treatment procedure. For this reason, our team at Central Texas Implant Center has created this buyer’s guide to assist you in gathering information to make the best informed decision possible.

We realize this isn’t a decision patients make hastily and want all our patients to feel confident and safe in this life changing decision.

Dr. Bhavesh Bhakta

Board Certified Dental Implant Specialist, DDS, DABOI/ID

Dr. Bhakta has been helping patients receive beautiful dental implants since 2008. He is a Diplomate in the ICOI, one of the highest international designations for skills in the surgery and restoration of dental implants; the most life-changing treatment that dentistry offers.  

Full Arch/ Full Mouth Dental Implant Reconstruction Buyer’s Guide

When being evaluated for full arch/full mouth dental implant reconstructions (All-On-4,5or 6 style dental implant treatment), ask your dentist the following questions and compare their answers to the information presented in this guide to help you make the best informed decision possible in pursuing treatment.

1. Are you a board certified dental specialist?

Many dentists placing dental implants are General Dentists that have taken weekend continuing education courses to learn how to place dental implants. Such courses may “certify” dentists to place dental implants with as little as 12 hours of training. Unfortunately, most “board certified implant specialist” are certified in a specialty that is not implant dentistry (i.e Periodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, etc) and therefore, they may have a vast majority of experience compared to a general dentist, but not all of that training is specific to implants. Doctors such as Dr. Bhakta (Diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists) receive a minimum of 700+ hours of additional training beyond what a General Dentist receives. He is also one of two dentists in the Austin area that is a Diplomate in the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry (ABOI/ID) which is the only actual board dedicated to implant dentistry itself in the United States.

2. How many full arch/full mouth immediately loaded dental implant cases have you performed?

Dr. Bhakta has successfully performed over 1000 full arch/full mouth immediately loaded dental implant reconstructions which places him in the top 1% of all dentists in the country regarding the number of these procedures he has performed.

3. Do you perform all of the work yourself or are other dentists required to assist you in completing this procedure?

Dr. Bhakta and his staff at the Central Texas Implant Center perform all of the work themselves for the Full arch/ full mouth dental implant reconstructions. Many dentists attempting to perform this dental implant procedure can only complete the surgery or the restoration, but rarely can they do both. In fact, most general dentists must rely on 3rd party lab personnel to heavily assist them in making a simple chairside full arch transitional bridge on the day of surgery. At Central Texas Implant Center, Dr. Bhakta and his staff are all that is needed for this procedure, as they handle everything from start to finish in the same building.

4. Where are your full arch/full mouth restorations being made?

Central Texas Implant Center offers full arch/full mouth dental implant reconstructions utilizing our own in house laboratory to customize each patients restorations. While certain other Austin based offices doing this type of procedure frown upon this and use outside labs, you might want to ask yourself if there is a financial reason for this. The answer is an astounding YES! Those offices that bad mouth in house labs like ours tend to do so as those doctors have sunk more of their own money into partnering with a lab rather than focusing on providing treatment. Even if these offices are advocating their own labs, are they passing the cost savings of using an “in-house lab” onto you? Typically, the answer is a resounding “No”.

5. What dental implant system do you use in your office?

Certain dental offices offer significantly discounted prices for the full arch/full mouth dental implant reconstruction procedure, but those discounts may actually come at a high cost for the patient in terms of quality. The most widely and successfully used dental implant systems for immediately loaded full arch/full mouth dental implant reconstructions are Nobel Biocare™ and NeoDent™. Dr. Bhakta has had years of experience placing and restoring both systems. However, as with most industries, politics and agendas tend to rule the dissemination of information and unfortunately, the truth can be left omitted in some of these cases. As in this case, we at Central Texas Implant center use NeoDent™ in most cases but not all. For the very reasons aforementioned (politics and agendas), one of the original inventors of the Nobel Replace™ implant (Dr. Jack Hahn) left Nobel™ and started his own implant system (Hahn Tapered implant) for immediately loaded full mouth dental implant restorations. This system has proven so successful that even Dr. Carl Misch (known to many as the father of implants and certainly the most famous published implantologist that ever lived) had endorsed this system to what he considered an improvement upon the original Nobel™ product. We at Central Texas Implant Center use the Hahn Tapered implant for some of our full arch/full mouth reconstructions (but not all). What implant system is your dentist using? If they are not using any of these systems, you should ask yourself why.

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6. What is the fracture rate of your All-On-4™ temporary restorations?

Fracture Rate
Full arch/full mouth implant reconstructions using dental implants requires you to wear temporary restorations during the initial 3-4 month healing process. While these restorations are rigidly screwed to the dental implants and do not come out of the mouth during the healing process, they are only made of acrylic or resins and therefore have a higher risk of fracture than your final (permanent) restorations. Studies evaluating fracture rates of full arch/full mouth temporary restorations range from 20-48%. To reduce fractures of temporary restorations, Dr. Bhakta and the Central Texas Implant Center in-house lab developed a unique process in which they deliver a much more resilient temporary prosthesis that is less susceptible to fractures. This prosthesis is delivered same day or within 24hrs of the surgery, using the most advanced and up to date technologies to create a lasting restoration during the 4-month healing phase. The entire time the patient is never without any teeth. When you ask your dentist about the fracture rate of their full arch/full mouth restorations, it is highly likely that they will not be able to provide you with an answer. If they only perform 3-4 of these procedures per year, they are probably not tracking this data. With the protocol Dr. Bhakta has in place, he has been able to keep the fracture rate down to less than 5%. If your dentist has “never” had a fracture of a full arch/full mouth implant reconstruction temporary restoration, he or she probably has not performed many of these procedures. Furthermore, if they tell you that they “never” have any fractures, be wary! Do you want to be his/her very first fracture patient?

7. How much time did the actual Dentist spend with you during the initial consultation appointment?

At Central Texas Implant Center, your examination appointment is with Dr. Bhakta and he will typically spend up to 60 minutes with you. He will review your medical history, perform a clinical examination, review your X-rays/3D CT scan, and provide a detailed explanation about ALL of your treatment options. He then personally answers all of your questions. With many other dental offices and corporate chains, the majority of your appointment is spent with a “Patient Consultant” and not the actual dentist.

8. Is the “Patient Consultant” who is doing most of the talking during your initial examination paid a commission?

Dental offices and corporate chains who utilize “Patient Consultants” to do most of the talking during your initial appointment often pay a commission for each patient that signs up for treatment. This can result in pushy sales tactics and a “hard sell.” Central Texas Implant Center uses no patient consultants and pays no commissions. We believe in a no sales pressure, ethical sales approach. Your examination and question/answer session is personally performed by Dr. Bhakta.

9. Does your treatment quote include ALL costs?

At Central Texas Implant Center, your treatment quote includes ALL costs for a full arch/full mouth implant reconstruction procedure including the general anesthesia if you want. Other dental offices and corporate chains sometimes provide patients with treatment quotes that DO NOT include all fees for treatment. Our all-inclusive pricing can give you the peace of mind that Dr. Bhakta will do whatever it takes to complete the case.

Dr. Bhakta and the Central Texas Implant Center team routinely perform full arch/full mouth dental implant reconstructions. We are among the 1% of all dentists in the United States that can successfully perform the Teeth in One day style dental implant reconstructions. We actively encourage you to compare us to any other dental office in the world if you are considering this style of dental implant treatment. We only want what is best for you which is why we created this guide to assist you in making the most educated decision possible. Whether that decision leads you to Dr. Bhakta and Central Texas Implant Center or not, we would be honored to work with you and we hope that our guide was helpful in assisting you with your decision. Thank you for taking the time to read this guide!

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