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Dental Implants: An Alternative to Dentures

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Our full arch replacement provides comfort, confidence and stability with a fixed prosthetic attached to dental implants anchored in the jawbone. Implant supported teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth. 

Dr. Bhavesh Bhakta

Board Certified Dental Implant Specialist, DDS, DABOI/ID

Dr. Bhakta has been helping patients receive beautiful dental implants since 2008. He is a Diplomate in the ICOI, one of the highest international designations for skills in the surgery and restoration of dental implants; the most life-changing treatment that dentistry offers.  

Improved Diet

Enjoy your favorite foods again: Fresh vegetables, corn, fruits, and even steak are back on the menu.

Long-term Solution

There is none of the discomfort and insecurity associated with dentures. This is a stable, reliable solution that can last a lifetime.

Youthful Appearance

The dental implant process helps preserve the jawbone and decrease wrinkles caused by missing teeth.

Health Benefits

Implant-supported teeth stimulate the surrounding bone, preventing the loss of jawbone volume and density.

Full Mouth Implant Procedure

What to expect when you choose Central Texas Implant Center:

In the first phase of your procedure, we start the day by reviewing your sedation options (IV or Oral). During your surgery, Dr. Bhakta will pull out any teeth requiring removal. The implants are then placed in the jaw bone, and your temporary, non-removable, full-set of teeth are attached. You leave with your implanted teeth and new smile!

For the next several months, the implant and the bone fuse together. A temporary crown is attached so you can eat and function normally during this healing period. In the final step, full bridges are attached to the implants.

Soon after you will feel restored confidence in your new and healthy smile!

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