A Teeth In A Day Procedure Can Change Your Life

Kay talks about her emotional journey, describing what her life was like before and after the operation and why she has no regrets. 

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Meet Jason

Jason said, before his surgery he used to feel judged by his smile. Your teeth can experience disrepair at any age due to environmental and genetic factors. 

Fortunately Dr. Bhakta and Jason’s paths crossed. “Dr. Bhakta made everything easy and comfortable and explained everything to me and made me feel confident in this procedure” Jason says.  

Now Jason is a lot happier. He is more outgoing and confident and comfortable around people. 

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Meet Lonnie

Lonnie wanted to be as healthy as possible during retirement. In his 70s he felt his teeth were deteriorating and Lonnie knew he had to make a change. 

This procedure improves your quality of life, no matter what age. 

“You always want competence but with Dr. Bhakta, I got excellence. He was attentive. He listened. Dr. Bhakta did everything he said he was going to do.” Lonnie now has a new excitement for life and believes he is going to live for 20 more years!

A Teeth In A Day Procedure Has Health Benefits Too

Implants stabilize and stimulate the surrounding bone, preventing the loss of jawbone volume and density.

Enjoy your favorite foods again and improve your diet: Fresh vegetables, corn, fruits, and even steak are back on the menu.

There is none of the discomfort and insecurity associated with dentures. This is a stable, reliable solution that can last a lifetime.

Patient Reviews

Dr Bhakta and Lisa are amazing. They are professional and caring. They take the time to answer any questions I have. I am so thankful I chose them for my full dental implants. It has been a wonderful experience and I am so excited to show them off!
Shari Griffith
They are the Best, I had my implant with them and reasonable prices and High Quality job. The staff are very Nice, good communication,
Sandra Zapata
It’s been a long road but he is almost there with Dr. Bhakta and his assistant Lisa’s help. They walked my father through the process from beginning to end, answered all questions to the fullest. I’ve been to every appointment and they explain everything to me and even help with filling out dental insurance paperwork to turn into my father’s dental carrier for reimbursement.
Calculator Girls

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